Alabama Alabama State Quarter

The U.S. State Quarter program was a great way to show off states' pride and personality while revamping the look of the quarter.

The Alabama State Quarter was released in 2003, the 5th year of the State Quarter program. Alabama was the 2nd quarter released that year.

The official release date was March 17, 2003. State quarters were released in the order states joined the United States. As such, Alabama was the 22nd State Quarter released.

Total mintage of the Alabama quarter was 457,400,000 which is worth a total of $114.35 million.

Alabama Quarter

The Alabama State Quarter. Released by the U.S. Mint on March 17, 2003.


Release Order 22nd
Release Date Mar 17, 2003
Mintage 0.46 Billion
Caption Spirit of Courage, Helen Keller in standard print and Braille
Summary Helen Keller, seated, longleaf pine (state tree) branch, magnolia blossoms
Engraver Norman E. Nemeth

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The Alabama state quarter pays tribute to famous Alabaman, Helen Keller. Keller is known for overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, demonstrating extreme courage, and inspiring hope. On the quarter, Keller is shown seated, reading a book written in braille.

On the left side, there is a longleaf pine sprig which is the state tree. On the right there are magnolia blossoms.

The caption on the quarter says "Helen Keller" in the regular English alphabet and in the braille alphabet. Below Keller there is a banner that says "Spirit of Courage."

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