U.S. Cities with the Best Gender Ratios for Men and Women

Created: October 24, 2015 Last Modified: August 19, 2021

The U.S. Census Bureau publishes a huge amount of information online. This information allows anyone to see detailed demographic information about any city in the U.S. Today we are going to use this information to find which cities in the U.S. have the most disproportionate percentage of men and women.

The ratio of men to women (sometimes called Gender Ratio, Sex Ratio, or Male-Female Ratio) varies widely from city to city across the U.S. Some cities -- for whatever reason -- attract more men than women, or vice-versa. If your gender happens to be the minority in your city you will find it easier to land a date! So, lets jump right in to find out which cities have the best gender ratio for men and women.

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For this analysis, we downloaded the most recent data availably from the Census Bureau. The data shows a breakdown of the population by gender, race, religion, and age by county. We loaded this information into our database making it easy to search, sort, and analyze the data.

We decided to exclude counties with a total population of less than 500,000 people. First, this article is about the best cities for men and women. The number of people for a town to be considered a "city" is up for debate. There were 265 cities after removing all cities with fewer than 500,000 people.

We found that even when we increased the cutoff to 1,000,000 people only a few of the top 10 cities changed. If we were to count all counties in the U.S. we end up with some wild data. For example, Concho County, Texas has the most skewed gender ratios in the country with 232 men to every 100 women. However, this is a rural area with only slightly over 1,000 house holds and a population density of 4 people per square mile. Definitely not the kind of place to go if you are looking for a large eligible dating pool.

Counties With the Most Men

Rank County Gender Ratio
1Pinal County, Arizona109.2 men to 100 women
2Anchorage Municipality, Alaska105.8 men to 100 women
3Kern County, California105.2 men to 100 women
4Jefferson County, Texas104.8 men to 100 women
5Monterey County, California104.2 men to 100 women
6San Luis Obispo County, California103.8 men to 100 women
7San Francisco County, California103.7 men to 100 women
8Kitsap County, Washington103.7 men to 100 women
9Honolulu County, Hawaii103.2 men to 100 women
10Brazoria County, Texas102.7 men to 100 women

Counties With the Most Women

Rank County Gender Ratio
1Baltimore city, Maryland112.2 women to 100 men
2Bronx County, New York112.1 women to 100 men
3Henrico County, Virginia111.9 women to 100 men
4Jefferson County, Alabama111.8 women to 100 men
5New York County, New York111.8 women to 100 men
6Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania111.5 women to 100 men
7Baltimore County, Maryland111.3 women to 100 men
8St. Louis County, Missouri111.2 women to 100 men
9Clayton County, Georgia111 women to 100 men
10Kings County, New York111 women to 100 men

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