Tennessee Tennessee State Quarter

The U.S. State Quarter program was a great way to show off states' pride and personality while revamping the look of the quarter.

The Tennessee State Quarter was released in 2002, the 4th year of the State Quarter program. Tennessee was the 1st quarter released that year.

The official release date was January 2, 2002. State quarters were released in the order states joined the United States. As such, Tennessee was the 16th State Quarter released.

Total mintage of the Tennessee quarter was 648,068,000 which is worth a total of $162.02 million.

Tennessee Quarter

The Tennessee State Quarter. Released by the U.S. Mint on January 2, 2002.


Release Order 16th
Release Date Jan 2, 2002
Mintage 0.65 Billion
Caption Musical Heritage
Summary Fiddle, trumpet, guitar, musical score, three stars
Engraver Donna Weaver

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Kentucky quarter Oct 15, 2001
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The Tennessee State Quarter pays tribute to the states long musical heritage. There are 3 instruments on the quarter — (from left to right) the guitar, a trumpet, and a fiddle. Behind the fiddle is sheet music.

There are three stars positioned around the quarter and along the bottom there is a banner that reads "Musical Heritage."

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