California California State Flag

The California flag was formally adopted on February 3, 1911. Since, California has maintained the same flag for the last 113 years.

The California flag was voted 11th best out of 51 Flags ranked by the North American Vexillological Association.

The 5 main colors in the California flag are #FFFFFF, #B71234, #584528, #BD8A5E, and #008542. The California flag width is 1.5 times the height. Standard flag size is 3 feet x 4.5 feet.

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California Flag

The California State Flag. Adopted by State Legislature on February 3, 1911.


#FFFFFF 67.1%
#B71234 17.1%
#584528 8.4%
#BD8A5E 2.7%
#008542 2.1%
Percentage totals may not equal 100. Colors with less than 1 percent are ignored.


The California flag depicts a five-pointed star in the upper left corner, a grizzly bear in the center, the words “California Republic” below the bear in gold, sans-serif font, and a red bar stretching along the bottom.


The California state flag was designed to establish California’s separation from Mexico before the “Bear Flag Revolt” in 1846.The single star on California’s flag is a reference to Texas’s Lone Star Flag design as Texas had previously gained independence from Mexico in 1836. The bear on California’s flag represents the grizzly bears that were common in California at the time and are much less common today. The bold words “California Republic” were placed to firmly establish California as an independent state apart from Mexico. The red strip along the bottom of the California flag is simply a design element and does not have a specific meaning.


California’s first flag, known as the “Bear Flag”, was first used in 1846 in Sonoma by American settlers rebelling against Mexican rule in what came to be known as the “Bear Flag Revolt”. The flag has been refined over the years but the basic elements have remained the same.

The flag was officially named the state flag in 1911 with its design standardized in 1953. In addition, the 1953 state flag law made the flag’s nickname official by stating that the “Bear Flag is the State Flag of California.”

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