Jordan Jordan Gender Ratios

There are more men than women in Jordan according the CIA World Factbook 2018 data (most recent data available).

The Jordan Gender Ratio is 102 men to 100 women (102:100) or 1.02. Jordan's gender ratio is higher than the global average of 101 men to 100 women (101:100) or 1.01.

Jordan Gender Ratio By Age

Gender Ratios vary by age group as well as location. The table below shows the gender ratios breakdown in Jordan by age.

Age RangeJordan Gender RatioGlobal Gender Ratio
At birth106 Men to 100 Women103 Men to 100 Women
1 to 14105 Men to 100 Women107 Men to 100 Women
15 to 24105 Men to 100 Women106 Men to 100 Women
25 to 54100 Men to 100 Women102 Men to 100 Women
55 to 6495 Men to 100 Women95 Men to 100 Women
65 and over89 Men to 100 Women80 Men to 100 Women

Cities in Jordan

Gender Ratios on this page are an aggregate of the gender ratios in the following cities within the region:

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