Vermont Vermont State Flag

The Vermont flag was formally adopted on April 17, 1923. Since, Vermont has maintained the same flag for the last 101 years.

The Vermont flag was voted 46th best out of 51 Flags ranked by the North American Vexillological Association.

The 7 main colors in the Vermont flag are #002986, #6F6F00, #FFEF91, #D1FF86, #FFC53C, #006F00, and #000000. The Vermont flag width is 1.7 times the height. Standard flag size is 3 feet x 5.1 feet.

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Vermont Flag

The Vermont State Flag. Adopted by State Legislature on April 17, 1923.


#002986 86.4%
#6F6F00 2.4%
#FFEF91 1.9%
#D1FF86 1.2%
#FFC53C 1.1%
#006F00 1%
#000000 1%
Percentage totals may not equal 100. Colors with less than 1 percent are ignored.


The flag of Vermont has a blue background that contains the state’s coat of arms which includes a pine tree, cow, and sheaves of wheat, with mountains visible in the distance. At the top, a stag’s head is visible. On the bottom of the coat of arms a red ribbon flows containing the state’s name and motto, “Freedom and Unity.”


The general image of the coat of arms represents the agriculture of Vermont (cow, wheat, pine tree). The two branches of pine on the sides of the coat of arms signify the sprigs of pine that the soldiers of Vermont wore during the battle of Plattsburgh in 1812. The Green Mountains rise in the back, which are the state’s most recognizable mountains. The deer head visible on the top of the shield displays the state’s wildlife.

Vermont’s motto means freedom of the individual while benefiting the interests of everyone.


The first Vermont flag was in fact a state militia flag that was created in 1803. It mostly consisted of a green background, representing the Green Mountains. Another design was later created that also looked totally different from the current one. It had seventeen stripes and seventeen stars (similar to the U.S. flag), with the state’s name at the top. The third design was very similar to the second one. Interestingly, the Vermont flag was getting confused by many for the U.S. flag so another design was necessary. It was officially adopted on June 1, 1923 and has dramatically changed from the first three.

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